Black Christians Are Fleeing White Megachurches Due to Open Support for Trump’s Hateful Rhetoric

The Daily Beast covers a resegregation trend among America’s Christians: “Black worshippers who left the comfort and familiarity of the black church to forge an inclusive, integrated church with their white neighbors now find themselves church-less. The support of DT’s divisive rhetoric within their predominantly white churches made their continued attendance untenable. 

White churches in the United States, especially the white Evangelicals, are doing their best to create a mythical 1950s America, where the term “American” means White Straight Christian and the enemy is anyone who questions the supremacy of that America.


Entertaining Profile Names

I have a pretty serious job (Tech Lead) leading a team building complex systems. Some of the challenges we encounter make your brain and stress is almost a constant companion. I like to inject humor, preferably the silly kind, when I can. Silly profile names are a great way to do that and I try to use them when I log into virtual meetings where it’s just our team (no customers or others who might not understand or appreciate this).

Here’s a small selection of identities I’ve used or plan to use.

Tara Dactyl – Paleontologist – Tagline = I dig dinosaurs

Sue Yu – Lawyer

Rapid Roy – Stock Car Racer (Thanks to Jim Croce for this one)

Ken Hurt – Doctor

Bear Knuckles – Boxer

Ben Dover – Proctologist

Ken Chew – Dentist

Woody Hammock – Wilderness Guide



Fun Phrases: Throw it against the wall and see what sticks

Idioms can be a lot of fun. This particular one is pretty popular among knowledge workers and there are a lot of variations, which it could be fun to alternate in a meeting or work into conversation across a day or two to see who notices.

As Jonathon Green notes in his Quora answer, this idiom goes back at least to the 1950s in the United States:

1954 N.Y. Herald Trib. 1 Mar. 15/1: One ad man, sniffing away at a program idea, turned to his colleagues and remarked: ‘Let’s drop this down the well and see how big a splash it makes.’

[Ibid.] 2 Apr. 21/1: Take this one, for example, which is a very real example of Madison Ave.: ‘Let’s roll some rocks and see what crawls out.’ Obviously the boys are not expecting much. In the old days, they used to ‘mother hen’ an idea, or they’d say ‘let’s incubate this and see what hatches’.

[Ibid.] 14 June 17/1: And if you’re seeking new ways to say ‘I like it but let’s, for God’s sake, go slowly’ […] here are a couple that should get you through the morning. ‘Let’s smear it on the cat and see if she licks it off.’ Or: ‘Let’s send it on a local and see if it comes back express.’

1957 M. Shulman Rally Round the Flag, Boys! (1959) 150: Run it up the mast, and let’s see if anybody salutes.

1958 Mad mag. Jan.–Feb. 17: The minute we received your article we put it on the 5.25 to Westport to see whether it would get off. It didn’t. Then we picked up the ball and rolled it down the alley to see how many pins would fall. Not enough.


Questions and Answers

This is a great comic for thinking through the value of questions and answers and the relationship between them. I found it at imgur and discovered that the artist has a website with this and other comics and also posts to Twitter.


Stephon Clark was murdered by police

Stephon Clark was murdered by police, shot to death in his grandmother’s back yard. He died because the police rules for use of deadly force are utterly broken. The system in place now encourages use of force and unconditionally protects police who use deadly force. That needs to change immediately.

The Sacramento police use of force policyinstructs officers to de-escalate conflicts and continuously reassess if force is needed. It begins with this sentence: “It shall be the policy of the Sacramento Police Department that officers value and preserve the sanctity of human life at all times.”” They were supposed to have less-lethal weapons available. They blatantly disregarded this policy.

Clark was a father of two. His son’s lost their father because police decided he “might” have a gun.  Those police need to be charged and convicted of murder and they need to go to prison like any other citizen guilty of murder. Only then will we start on the path to justice and proper police conduct in this nation.


The NRA was once a moderate institution

The NRA was once a moderate institution that focused on firearms sports and education. I joined the NRA not realizing extremists had killed that vision and created a monster that considers every American and human value subservient to its will.

This short read by the Washington Post relates the NRA’s founding vision and it’s takeover by extremists, who turned it into what it is today.